I help people or families in severe debt crisis at no charge.  I am limited to helping at most two families at a time, and there is no standardized process that I use.  Every debt crisis is different, so my approach to helping every person or family that I work with is different.  I am not a bankruptcy attorney and I do not appear in court for clients working through a debt crisis.  What I do is help people or families learn to regain their ability to stand up to creditors on their own.

I strongly recommend that anyone dealing with a debt crisis attend a local Financial Peace University.  People who attend FPU may find that they do not need my assistance at all.  In fact, many of the people I help are either going through, or have been through FPU and simply need a little extra help to get on track or stay on track.  NOTE: I am not affiliated at all with FPU and I earn nothing by recommending their program.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with a debt crisis right now, I’d be happy to get on a call and talk through some strategies to bring the situation back under control.

Feel free to e-mail or call me any time with questions.