James Photo 2020I entered the practice of law in 2006 with a very different perspective than most attorneys.  My background included almost two decades of sales, upper level management and leadership positions, even owning a handful of my own small businesses over the years.  This real-world business experience helps me to understand my clients at a different level than most attorneys who entered practice right out of undergrad and law school.

My business experience prior to law school taught me that small businesses have to adapt quickly to the needs of their customers and clients.  But after law school, I saw the legal industry operating the way it had for decades.  I decided that needed to change.  Why shouldn’t the practice of law be just as focused on service, technology, responsiveness, convenience, and quality as every other small business?

This concept was the foundation of the micro-firm I launched in October of 2018, and remains the cornerstone of my practice today.  A little more about my personal history is found below.


  • Schoenberg Finkel Newman & Rosenberg – Partner
  • Lavelle Law, Ltd. – Management Team
  • Robert Half – Business Development
  • Quentin Distributors – National Sales Manager


  • The John Marshall Law School – 2006 – Herzog Scholarship Recipient – President, Corporate Law Association
  • Benedictine University (f/k/a Illinois Benedictine College) – 2003 – BS in Management and Organizational Behavior – Minor in Finance – Graduated summa cum laude.

My full professional history is available on my LinkedIn profile here.

Outside of the office, I am a proud father of two wonderful girls (17 and 11), and very lucky to be happily married for 22 years to my wife Elizabeth, who also works with me in our small firm.  We share our home in St. Charles, Illinois with our three rescue pups Zoey (hyper-active Min-Pin Terrier mix), Scooter (hyper-lazy Dachshund Min-Pin mix) and Piper (very nervous rescue pup from Korea who is still trying to figure out if we’re nice people).   I enjoy cycling, and I endure running (having barely finished the Chicago Marathon in 2016).  We attend Christ Community Church in St. Charles, Illinois.  Previously, several years ago, I had the great honor to serve for a year as Lay Director of Christ Renews His Parish at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

I currently have three books in progress.  The first, likely to be named “Renewed” discusses my experience in sharing my witness in following Christ, and encourages others to answer the command to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28) by telling their own witness as opposed to simply quoting the Bible at people.  My second work-in-progress book is a collaboration with Mary Erlain and will likely be named “Mission: Survival” and will provide case studies and insight to guide small business owners through the most challenging time of their business: Year One.  My main current effort is in a book to be titled “Going Solo” and serves as a guide for service professionals looking to do what I did: Walk out of a pretty good job and open their own shop.  Other than that, I write a faith-based blog where I dive into my many shortcomings as a Christian in an effort to help others avoid my mistakes, and to occasionally be inspired (I hope).  You can read that blog here.

Finally, and most importantly (if you ask my kids) I bake some of the best chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever had.  While I’m not trying to twist your arm, I’ve been known to occasionally bring a batch when I stop by to see clients.

Feel free to e-mail or call me any time with questions, and thanks for taking the time to learn more about me.

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